About us

Jovan Čepić, the founder of the Law Firm, began practicing law in mid-twentieth century, more precisely, in 1956. Already in 1962, he had opened his own firm, which is now one of the oldest in Belgrade. Cepic has gained rich, decades-long experience as one of the most reputable Yugoslav attorneys-at-law representing numerous clients, some of whom were among the most significant businesses operating on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. This experience has been passed on to his new generation of associates, who have continued the practice of providing a broad range of legal services to their clients. Now, more than half a century later, it is with great satisfaction that we can say our law office is one of the most distinguished legal firms in Serbia. Competence and the highest ethical and professional standards in client representation are the cornerstones of our practice and a part of our tradition.

Indeed, the tradition we are so proud of, prompts us to continue to strive to ensure that all of our clients, whether successful business organizations or underprivileged individuals, are treated with due respect and offered the highest quality legal service.

We have successfully represented the interests of our clients within this country and abroad, in the territory of the Republic of Serbia as well as our regional neighbours, the EU, USA, Turkey, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. To ensure the provision of comprehensive service at an international level, we closely cooperate with renowned law firms from all over the world.

Our lawyers also have experience defending clients before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, an invaluable experience treasured by the Čepić Law Firm.

Our dynamic team, conceived as an (or maybe ‘reflecting the’) optimal combination of youth and experience, is composed of top professionals who are committed to their jobs and dedicated to their clients. Their experience stands as a guarantor of legal wisdom and judiciousness, while the youth of our junior associates imbues the firm with energy and enthusiasm. Our team work and superb organization guarantee that our clients can rely on us to always provide timely, efficient and, most of all, expert legal assistance in nearly all areas of law. Our reputation for resolving even the most complex of legal issues is well-earned and deserved.